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Welcome To Witches Moon! We are the premier Books of shadows & Grimoires Suppliers to the Pagan community for the last 16 years. Our Hand-Made Books of Shadows & Grimoires are truly organic in design, Our Books of shadows are made for actual everyday use & truly offer that old Tome look we all crave for our personal Book of Shadows. Each one is hand crafted and hand aged to create a very magickal feel. When you have a Witches Moon BOS, You Know the difference between store bought and magickally craftedSome of our books, Like the Practical Magic Book is purposely made to look old and worn, stained and worn with the countless spells and writings of time! We are the makers of our books which means you will not be waiting for someone else to create your tome. Our BOS's Are made by a Hereditary Witch for Witches. Our Books come alive to us and are born, not made. They are crafted and created in ritual space.

 In Addition to our amazing books, We also offer some hand made wands, quills, & Antique Witchcraft related items. Check out our "Witchtiques" Page for one of a kind finds!. We do not stock standard items but can refer you to other sites that do. Our Goal is to provide you with that same feeling of "can't take your eyes off of it", that our first book ever gave us.

e have decided to focus on stocked books and NO LONGER DO CUSTOM WORK. We only wish to sell books that are already made and ready to ship out now. This eliminates the wait for a BOS to a few days as appose to a few weeks or years even! We have been overwhelmed by orders in the past leading to customer disappointment and forgotten orders and we just don't want to do that any longer, the demand is too great.

we care about our customers more then anything so to end the waiting list and overwhelming orders, We now only sell already crafted books.



We have been making Books of Shadows & Grimoires for over 18 years. We have sold to Witches & individual Covens in the USA, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, South America, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, (Prague)- Czech Republic, Singapore, Austria, Croatia, China & Japan.....& have been asked to produce books for local pagan shops such as New England Magic in Salem Mass, as well as Ritual Magick & many others. We have been asked to create books for such people as world renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D of LA Ink & Sabrina the ink witch as well as two books for the 2011 Smurfs Movie!!  

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New Ready Made Books & Antique Witchcraft items!!




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